Home Service Center has loyal relationships with many HVAC brands. We are able to provide you with the best option that meets you and your family's needs in the following areas, and is the best solution for a new heating and cooling system in your home.

Some Of Our Brands

Air Conditioners

HSC has a central air conditioning system that is perfect for your home at a refreshingly affordable price. Even on the hottest days of the year, you can keep your home cool and comfortable while enjoying low energy costs with a high-efficiency air conditioner. Don't choose between affordability, durability, and optimum cooling comfort. Install an air conditioner and get all three!

Heat Pumps

Enjoy year-round indoor comfort with a heat pump. They provide both cooling and heating comfort from a single system. High-efficiency heat pumps can lower the cost of keeping your home completely comfortable all year. Home Service Center offers a full line of heat pump systems so you are certain to find the perfect system to fit your budget.


Home Service Center uses multiple suppliers for boilers, which allows for a perfect fit to be selected for your home and family's needs. Boilers offer a higher efficiency than forced air systems and keeps a more consistent and even warmth throughout the house.

Indoor Air Quality

Improve the quality of the indoor air in your home and extend the life of your heating and cooling system with indoor air quality products. Maybe you need a humidifier to help add moisture, or a ventilator to exchange fresh air with stale indoor air, or an electronic or media air filter to clean and remove indoor air contaminants, or even an ultraviolet light to eliminate germs and bacteria from your indoor air - whatever your need, HSC can help find the perfect product for you! Air cleaners help keep your system operating efficiently by removing particles that may hinder the performance of the system that you have installed.


Gas furnaces can deliver warm, money-saving indoor comfort year after year to your home. Variable and multi-speed furnaces can provide enhanced indoor comfort by slowly ramping up to your thermostat setting rather than simply turning on at full speed. This alleviates the cold air blow often associated with single-speed furnaces.

Air Handlers

Your air handler is an essential part of your "split" heating and cooling system. It is the indoor portion that delivers the cooled air in the summer and heated air in the winter quietly and economically. Depending on the construction of your home, specific air handlers will work best. Let HSC help you pick the best option for your home.

Water Heaters

Do you need a large capacity tank water heater or a cutting edge tankless water heater for your home? Maybe your pool is in need of a replacement water heater? Whatever your need may be, Home Service Center can help you find the best water heater to fit your need.


If you're in need of a non-programmable thermostat, programmable thermostat or even a premium touch screen thermostat, Home Service Center will install the one that meets your needs. There is a wide variety of thermostats out there, but we'll help you choose the best option for you and install it.